Coming Soon…

2nd May 2013

Gecko Beach mixed by Pete Gooding and Chris Coco

what’s happening

26th April 2013

visual culture

8th April 2013

I can’t write this week. Visual culture has taken over. The image is imagination. Maybe the poetry is in the combination of instagram and hipstamatic. The way the people and the still lives mingle. The justaposition and unexpected sequences. A heart scratched on the wall next to a man with a guitar next to a bottle of wine. Who knows.

Another Week in Pictures

27th March 2013

A week of mostly mixing and hiding from the grey cold east wind in London City. Not much to report, except the sounds, I think the sounds are exceptional.

A week in pictures (round things mostly)

18th March 2013

Sort of circular theme this week. Something to do with playing records I suppose. Vinyl is on the agenda rather a lot, thinking about how the medium changes how you consume the message. Maybe because you choose to buy something, heavy and expensive and frankly stupid you take it more seriously and listen more intently to it than you do to a digital file that is kind of nothing.