A week in pictures (round things mostly)

18th March 2013

Sort of circular theme this week. Something to do with playing records I suppose. Vinyl is on the agenda rather a lot, thinking about how the medium changes how you consume the message. Maybe because you choose to buy something, heavy and expensive and frankly stupid you take it more seriously and listen more intently to it than you do to a digital file that is kind of nothing.

Word Remixes

13th March 2013

Chris Coco – Word Remixes out March 16. Including versions from The Timewriter, Leftside Wobble, Afterlife and this one from DFRNT.

A Week (and a bit) in Pictures

13th March 2013

It’s always interesting to put the pictures together and try to make out some kind of story. What happened to self-mythologising poetry in notebooks, it’s gone visual and viral like everyone else’s. And where are the people? Next week we must have some people.

Normalites – My Best Friend – out now.

11th March 2013

The new single from The Normalites aka Chris Coco and Steve Miller from Afterlife is out now on Steve’s Subatomic label.

Get it here.

A week in pictures

4th March 2013