French Doors and other clich├ęs

18th December 2012

Deep frost, low light, lines steaming, fast track to Paris, for existential adventure. I am here to photograph French doors. Get some inspiration.

Outside Sacre Coeur there is frosty magic in the air. A man plays Hallelujah on the harp. The music turns the scene into poetry. I’m back, I’m away, I’m here. for now, everything is just fine.

Inside the cathedral there is the usual sense of peace to be found in these places. I am looking for that, some sense of peace, but peace that comes with NO RELIGION on my census entry. Something with no overbearing presence painted on arches and made flesh by bread and blood red wine.

Having said that, I like the architecture, I like some of the stories and images, bright stained glass and single solo flames, burning together on altars. Collected spirits waiting patiently for the next communion. Sure only that some time soon they will flicker and die.

I take a little tour of past glories: the fondue restaurant where we drank red wine from babies bottles; the corner cafe where we finished the evening off with a Kir Royale or three. The days of free drinking, I mean, thinking; the days of possibilities; the year of magic moments and too much money.

Then I remind myself or remember that the reason to be practical and organised is to allow ourselves time to dream and drift slightly out of focus like this, through a strangely familiar city on a sparkling, frosty-bright winters day. Because this is living. And this is all there is.

Winter in LDN City

3rd December 2012

Das Tegernsee

26th November 2012

This CD for Das Tegernsee hotel and spa in Germany features the 3 Balearos track Do You Have Any Tea?

Mo Pics Less Words

22nd November 2012

Since I started using Instagram on the iPhone and sending pictures via that to my Tumblr and Facebook I have noticed a steep decline in my desire to write blog posts. It feels like the job has already been done by the picture. Is there less to write about than there was a few months ago or is the instant and visual nature of the technology just making me lazy. I think it’s the latter. Thought and behaviour patterns fitting into the easiest route that the technology has to offer, like water running down a hillside. Anyway, perhaps this post will jolt me out of my new habit, which, I must admit, I am not too happy about. It feels like this way of cataloguing is stripping my life of some of its poetic magic. Here are some of those instant pictures, out of context and out of time, without words, good or bad, in case you missed them.

CC / Tuk Tuk special mix

15th November 2012

CC has made a special mix for We Are Tuk Tuk, purveyors of fine bespoke clothing, and a rather nice line in record boxes.

We Are Tuk Tuk web page here

Tuktuk sounds vol. 7 : chris coco ‘come in’ mix by We-Are Tuktuk on Mixcloud