CC / Now Is Good

5th October 2012

The Chris Coco remix of Heather Nova’s Aquamarine appears in the movie Now Is Good.

Coco in M Magazine

28th September 2012

Chris Coco interview and performance of Word in the online edition of PRS’s M Magazine.


19th September 2012

When I run up the hill and the hill defeats me I thank the hill for being there, so hard and long and strong. When I am in SihlCity I like to walk under the freeway. I seek out the shadows, so long and strong on this September evening. I see a list of things that people want to do before they die. The most striking says: die before my daughter. It’s so simple and direct and beautiful. On the hill at the castle there is a giant radio made out of cardboard. The sky is clear and blue so for now our fragile dreams are safe inside the cardboard box. When I sit on benches in the sun on the edge of things I always wonder what I am doing in such a lonely place. But really it is not lonely. I am here and I like it. So simple and direct and beautiful.

Mostly Sky – Bestival 2012

10th September 2012

What’s it all about, Ducky

Back from Bestival with the usual: a tingly hangover, a memory card full of amazing sounds and images and a head full of, well, amazing sounds and images from a hectic day of DJing and watching some great acts play wonderful music and generally having the most fine of times humanly possible. On Saturday I played three sets, one on Bestival Radio with my compadre Pete Gooding and a live performance from the main man of ambient folk, James McArthur; one in the now legendary Wishing Tree (house); and one in the totally fabulous Ambient Forest (slow dancing).

A few edited festival highlights: How does it feel… rushing past the main stage as New Order played Blue Monday; Tythe in the Ambient Forest; wearing a unicorn mask while DJing; dancing like a ducky to Greg Wilson; the boy W and his boys in the Wishing Tree; Sleeping in a Tipi with our friends; strong coffee; sunshine and more sunshine; pole dancing to SBTRKT; Dirty Beaches’ short, brutal set; Four Tet in the Psychedelic Worm.

Some pictures (mostly sky) and the two DJ sets are posted here.

Up On The Roof

1st September 2012

Today we are up on the roof high over Soho, staring down on secret London, the hidden gardens and meeting places, so far away from the windy canyons down below. Nick and Andy are here to sing Word, I am here to speak words about Word and other songs on the Freedom Street album. The song sounds good and the view is magnificent. Afterwards we go to the pub. It’s like old times before computers and worries. A good day in London town.