Music For Moving Images.

8th October 2012

A Chris Coco remix of Sr Mandrill appears on this compilation.

CC / Now Is Good

5th October 2012

The Chris Coco remix of Heather Nova’s Aquamarine appears in the movie Now Is Good.

Coco in M Magazine

28th September 2012

Chris Coco interview and performance of Word in the online edition of PRS’s M Magazine.


19th September 2012

When I run up the hill and the hill defeats me I thank the hill for being there, so hard and long and strong. When I am in SihlCity I like to walk under the freeway. I seek out the shadows, so long and strong on this September evening. I see a list of things that people want to do before they die. The most striking says: die before my daughter. It’s so simple and direct and beautiful. On the hill at the castle there is a giant radio made out of cardboard. The sky is clear and blue so for now our fragile dreams are safe inside the cardboard box. When I sit on benches in the sun on the edge of things I always wonder what I am doing in such a lonely place. But really it is not lonely. I am here and I like it. So simple and direct and beautiful.

Mostly Sky – Bestival 2012

10th September 2012

What’s it all about, Ducky

Back from Bestival with the usual: a tingly hangover, a memory card full of amazing sounds and images and a head full of, well, amazing sounds and images from a hectic day of DJing and watching some great acts play wonderful music and generally having the most fine of times humanly possible. On Saturday I played three sets, one on Bestival Radio with my compadre Pete Gooding and a live performance from the main man of ambient folk, James McArthur; one in the now legendary Wishing Tree (house); and one in the totally fabulous Ambient Forest (slow dancing).

A few edited festival highlights: How does it feel… rushing past the main stage as New Order played Blue Monday; Tythe in the Ambient Forest; wearing a unicorn mask while DJing; dancing like a ducky to Greg Wilson; the boy W and his boys in the Wishing Tree; Sleeping in a Tipi with our friends; strong coffee; sunshine and more sunshine; pole dancing to SBTRKT; Dirty Beaches’ short, brutal set; Four Tet in the Psychedelic Worm.

Some pictures (mostly sky) and the two DJ sets are posted here.