4th July 2012

I am on floor six of Hotel Central Playa. Two star generic. Fridge buzzing like a migraine. On floor six I am level with the swallows. Swooping and diving round the rooftops. Passing south facing washing lines, jeans and pants and t-shirts, bleaching in the sun. In their aerodynamic grace they seem so much freer than us earthbound, concrete-contained, consumer creatures. Do they dream of flies when they catch a few seconds sleep on the wing? Or other lives, half remembered, half lived, in hotel boxes, scribbling in books, staring at swallows?

Lazy Summer III (2012)

3rd July 2012

Coco remixes Ambrosia

3rd July 2012

Chris Coco has remixed A Reminiscent Drive’s chillout classsic Ambrosia for a best of project on the PeaceLounge label.


Coco remixes Sojiro

2nd July 2012


19BOX RECORDINGS / 19BOX058 RELEASE DATE:2012.06.27(beatport) , 2012.07.25(OTHER)

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This is a 2nd installment of Sojiro’s remix project follows up ‘Dainty’ remixed by A Man Called Adam. Sojiro is one of most respected new age artists in Japan and also well known as a great ceramic ocarina player.
 And this is a result that combine his organic sounds into chillout grooves.

Chris Coco is a DJ, producer, broadcaster, journalist and musician. He has treated ‘Mist’ with his trademark Ibiza chillout sound that stems from the days of being an artist on A Man Called Adam’s OTHER RECORDS. Currently he is working on new music with his partner Steve Miller (aka Afterlife) as The Normalites, with his band City Reverb and also with production partner Sacha Puttnam on a secret new project.

Grab your favourite cocktail and a beach towel. This is a distillation of the sound of summer.

Test Pressing

23rd June 2012

I have in my possession two test pressings of Chris Coco – Freedom Street, the new album, the one that seems to have taken forever to finish. Gingerly I dust off the turntable, set it spinning at exactly thirty three and a third revolutions per minute, and carefully lower the arm onto the virgin vinyl. There’s a little crackle and a pop, then track one side one, Word, explodes out of the speakers. I am convinced that the bass is smoother and rounder than the digital version. It sounds beautifully punchy and again I am happy.