22nd June 2015

Our Balearic album is now available in all good record stores on vinyl, CD and download. Huzzah!

Spotify Playlists

6th June 2015

I have started making some playlists on Spotify. If streaming is the future for music delivery then it’s good to be involved in however small a way in curation on that platform. There are three so far that I will update regularly. Balearic, Melodica Radio Show, and Nightbus: Late Night Electronica.

They have these, not very inviting links:

Though, of course, on Spotify you just look for the Chris Coco artist page and scroll down to Playlists.


Coming Soon…

24th April 2015

What’s happening?

13th April 2015

-NIGHTBUS at Rye Wax

13th April 2015

Here are some images from the -NIGHTBUS live evening at Rye Wax in Peckham. So much great live music from this super talented gang of artists.




Sam Sally