Disappearing Dining Club, London

23rd March 2011

Our next Dinner Dance takes place in a giant New York style loft apartment, high above the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch.

Buzz yourself in and a private lift will bring you up to our fifth floor dining and dancing space with towering ceilings, high beams and stunning views over East London.

For dinner we’ll be serving White Bean Veloute, Fois Gras & Truffle Oil, Gravad Lax Roulade, Toasted Brioche & Smoked Caviar Creme Fraiche, Whole Roast Leg of Lamb, Merguez Couscous & Aubergine, an amazing dessert that we haven’t quite decided what to call, but involves lots of toffee, peanut butter and ice cream, and lots of lots cheese to finish off. We’ve also got the boys from Tapped & Packed back for some of their wonderful siphoned coffee.

The venue address will be announced closer to the time of the actual event. Please sign up to the Disappearing Dining Club newsletter for further details. Email stuart@disappearingdiningclub.co.uk for sign up or for any further info.

We open the doors at 7pm, serving dinner at 7.30pm. Music and dancing go on till much much later.

Light And Shade

21st March 2011

It’s a blue day: The place to be every other Saturday. Red nose day: The writing is on the wall. Black and white Sunday: working on the light and shade.

SloMoDiscoMix on Sloth Boogie

18th March 2011

Listen to Chris Coco’s SloMoDiscoMix for the Sloth Boogie Blog here.

Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London

18th March 2011

Coco DJ Set on the final day of Anthony Burrill’s exhibition/workshop

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[setlist]arty party[/setlist]

It All Makes Sense

17th March 2011

Out on the decks again. Tonight the city feels like fumes. Fog-breath over Waterloo Bridge. Swimming against the commuter tide heading south, heading home. I am in Somerset House for the opening of Anthony Burrill’s latest show. Soundtracking the the movement of the invited, the graph geeks in big glasses, the show girls clutching their Chardonnay. Anthony has the top room in this show, he is the top typographical dog, the only one with music, the only one with enough space, the only one with a portrait of the the artist as a young man with a horse.

There’s a prefab photo booth so Wes takes a picture of me and I take a picture of Wes.

And there’s a newspaper called It All Makes Sense. And honestly, it does.