Needwant, Lock Tavern, London

10th February 2011

Needwant at the Lock Tavern with loads of good DJs and that. The facebook page is here.

[setlist] One big party at the Lock Tavern with some of our close friends of label family and a few surprises that we haven’t thought of yet.

Diskjokke The Project Club (Live) Chris Coco Sean Brosnan Steve O’Connor [/setlist]

Bug, BFI, London

10th February 2011

Royksopp and Chris Coco in the bar, DJing after a sold out screening of some Royksopp videos 10-1.

[setlist]Free to get in too. [/setlist]

Re:Raw vs CC

9th February 2011

A ruffed-up version of Chris Coco’s City Knows Your Name will appear on the new collection from the Arcade Pony label.

Chris’s mate Re:Raw, aka bass and drum player and all round good man Adam Barry, has made a hyped version of the Coco album track City Knows Your Name. The boys at Arcade Pony liked it so much they decided to put it on their next album called The Fresh Collection. The album is out on CD and download on March 7 2011.

The Bank of Stokes Croft

8th February 2011

I am back in Bristol, my new favourite city, and this time we meet at The Bank of Stokes Croft. It’s not a bank anymore, of course, in the the way that nothing is what it used to be. It’s a bar and pizza place. And Dave does the honours and Dawn takes the orders and there’s no sign of Faith or Hope, though Charity refuses to give a man 40p to buy a drink. What’s the use? At least he’s honest, but he is still getting nowhere. Maybe he thinks the place is still a bank. And outside on the wall there’s a Banksy and a whole house across the street is graffiti-pink, and there’s art on the gates and fences and there are printing presses and galleries, and it feels like a special place here.

And down in the square at 3:30am the people are gathering. But this isn’t Cairo, there’s no day of reckoning or explaining or leaving, no – I’m a dictator get me out of here – moment. Not now, not yet. It’s just another night of emptiness and drink, drink and emptiness. And down in the square at 3:30am the people are gathering round the burger van, doing a deal on the meat and chips (a snip at £4, that’s ten donations to our gentleman friend). And the girls totter and the boys wobble and the boys and girls bundle and fall into the taxis queued up on College Green.

And up the hill, outside the Washington, there’s a blackbird singing. And after the night on the Boom Boom it’s the most beautiful sound. and I say hello, but he doesn’t reply. So some things do stay the same after all.

The Player, London

2nd February 2011

All night at The Player, London

[setlist]My residency in Soho.[/setlist]