pictures of pictures

21st January 2011

Today I went to Metro to get the package containing the film of the shots I shot in the summer on the Diana.

I had almost forgotten about it, but now I have started mixing the next album I need the analogue information.

The album needs to sound like the film. The film needs to look like the music.

So you can see what I mean I took some pictures of the pictures. Now stick that in your i-phone analogue-ap and suck it.

It’s all about the ‘bone

18th January 2011

This week it’s extremes. Yesterday was the average most miserable day of the year. The day that people find most depressing. And it was a little grim. Today the sun is shining and I am reviewing my work on a trombone session with Mike Bone. Yes, the tracks really did need trombone to make them sing. You will see.


12th January 2011

Walking round Clerkenwell and Kings Cross, it’s easy to find poetry in the signs and notices.

Hand-made Scotch Eggs at the 3 Kings Twilight fumblings in Pear Tree Court Then maybe meet for Sherry at the Chop House, ma cherie And dream about mixing internationally, naturally.

Fish may contain bones Olives may contain stones Game may contain shot What?

Butterfly Heart DJ Mix

11th January 2011

Chris Coco Butterfly Heart DJ Mix

A deep DJ mix featuring a couple of the new remixes of Butterfly Heart, the next Chris Coco single, out 14 February on The Big Chill Label.


1 Murat Tepelli – Hold On 2 Storm Queen – Look Right Through 3 Tevo Howard – The Age Of Compassion 4 Chris Coco – Butterfly Heart (Straight To Tape Remix) 5 Marc Romboy – Acid Love 6 Art Department – Vampire Nightclub 7 The Gathering – System (i-Cube Remix) 8 Wax – Wax 003B 9 Chris Coco – Butterfly Heart (The Rhythm Odyssey Remix) 10 Morgan Geist – Detroit

no noise from the tractor boys

10th January 2011

Just thinking about existential football fans chanting:


It’s been that kind of weekend.