Coco Balearic House Mix

17th November 2010

A little Balearic House mix for you.


1 This Ain’t Chicago – Ride The Rhythm (Soul Mekanik) 2 Adonis – No Way Back 3 Teki Latex – Answers 4 Nacho Lovers – Deeper 5 Riva Starr – Tribute 6 Marcel Knoppf – Rechord (Luna City Express) 7 Merveille Cahnspeyer – Tribute 8 The Clash – Mustapha Dance (Chris Coco Edit) 9 Foals – Total Life Forever (Chris Coco Edit) 10 Greg Paulas – Such A Shame 11 Deepswing – In The Music 12 Sidwho – Pay For Love 13 Johnny Dynell – Jam Hot (Tensnake) 14 Floating Points – Shark Chase 15 Caribou – Sun 16 Talking Heads – Gotta Tape I Wanna Play (GW Edit) 17 Gooding & Coco – Night Dance (Max Essa) 18 Gadi Mizrahi – I Can Never Get Enough 19 Moodymanc – Melanchronic (Soul Minority) 20 Gichy Dan – A Day Like Today (Todd Terje)

South London Weekend World

15th November 2010

Brixton – It takes more than a big balloon to make a party go with a bang. Midnight 30, Saturday night, a party to celebrate Nicky Siano’s new old movie, shot at The Gallery, New York in 1977. The archive footage is gold, beautiful, evocative, exciting, the after party is a little less burning and glorious.

Borough – Contemplating other people’s microphones in the pissoir. The Gladstone, the biggest little venue in London, has been given a make-over, even the toilets look smart and have a music theme.

Clapham – Savouring moments of sun and beauty on a short winter day. The sun shining on the Sun in Clapham old town. Something to smile about as Chelsea go down three nil at home just across the river.

It’s a beautiful day because…

10th November 2010

It’s a beautiful day because, at last, there is some reaction from real people to the coalitions plans to cut pretty much everything by 20%. The streets around Westminster were filled today by students, bussed in from all over the country to protest at the cuts in help and hike in fees for students. I arrived on my bike and got swept along in the banner-waving mass down Whitehall, past Parliament and Millbank.

It was all very well mannered and friendly and orderly and very middle class, as you would expect from a bunch of students, but the message was clear, don’t fuck with our future.

It was wonderful to see a new generation discovering their power, finding something to kick against, something to believe in, even if they are doing it in a slightly self-conscious, ironic C21 way. I am sure this is just the beginning of a winter of discontent, fighting the so called inevitability of the savage slashing of public services. Beautiful.

Big Chill Label party, Big Chill House, London

8th November 2010 Big Chill label party

[setlist]The Big Chill label take over the Big Chill House in Kings Cross, London for a bit of a festive event.[/setlist]

Disappearing Dining Club

8th November 2010

There were scenes of unparalleled savagery at this week’s DJ gig, the extremely hip, very now Disappearing Dining Club. The revellers and gormands assembled at City Arts and Music in City Road, London for a pop-up dinner dance. The menu included a suckling pig complete with apple in mouth. Tony got the tongue, an ear and half a cheek but stopped at the snout. Toni was shocked by the crackly life-like appearance of the creature and even refused to bite into the apple. I DJed through desert and coffee and took it off into the night.