the people and the mud and the sky

30th June 2014

While I was in California I started playing with my camera, sitting somewhere and literally shooting from the hip, to capture random slices of life. At Glastonbury Festival at the weekend I did the same thing, in the sunshine and the rain, with most of the best of the results being from in and around The Park. There are a few lovely moments that it would be cool to share with you.


Venice Beach

24th June 2014

A few weeks ago I spent a jet lag day at Venice Beach. I knew I had to stay awake until the sun went down. The only thing to do was walk and bike and walk up and down the strip.

Digital Sunshine

20th May 2014

a colourful existence

26th April 2014

all colour on this workshop wall in the heart of home town Brixton

true blue

orange sunset at London Bridge

blue/green sky/tree spring in the air

a bright idea in black and white

a colourful Shoreditch sunday street scene

true blue too

3 colour staircase

old orange wall

new orange wall

orange Japanese teapot and painted wood strips

in the pink


6th April 2014

Wall pasting and a coffee festival in Brick Lane. Talking too fast, nothing to say.

The wall of the Walled Garden in Brockwell Park, somewhere to be.

I love these flats round the back of Old Street. Doubled decker, decked out in Blue, the sky looks benign but today it was full of particulates, killing us softly.

Ben Hauke at the National Portrait Gallery, the new meets the old.

Brixton Market with it’s piss smell charm on a sunny Saturday, still fighting gentrification.

A Triumph of design and engineering slowly rusting in Elm Park.

And London City, the classic view from Brockwell Park, got to love it, got to hate it, got to keep on living here because it is most definitely somewhere.