Lost in Music, Slaves to Sound

4th October 2010

The rain falls. On the train, on the city, on Euston, on Runcorn, on Liverpool. I’m up on Coach A (Quiet) to play at Mama Said, the new night at the Magnet, that proper underground dirty little club down Hardman Street. The rain falls. On the Novotel, on the street signs, on the boozers and bars of Wood Street, on the boys’ trainers and the girls’ heels, on the bare legs and shoulders, the micro skirts and polo shirts. It’s a bubbly cauldron of alcoholic punch, a whirlwind of dogs chasing tails.

The rain falls. On tattered posters and rushed graffiti, on special constables standing on splashes of sick, on the street corner smokers, on the swishing black cabs.

Soon I am safe in the pulpit, in the corner, a tiny crawl-in DJ booth, in the back of the bar at the Magnet, doing the thing, lost in time, lost in music for the slaves to the rhythm. There’s the big girl in DMs with pink hair who can’t stop asking for You’ve Got The Love (after I play it I discover her mother died last week and that was her funeral song). There’s the lady of a certain age who looks the worse for wear, even in the dim light, dancing with every young man who will have her, holding tight but never kissing. There are the usual late night cross-eyed pointers, pupils deep jet black, dripping palms help up for a soggy high five. The earnestly snogging student couple, the girl’s copy of selected English poetry slipping out of her bag as his hand slides down her back. It ends up on the floor, sticky with night club glue. I’m flipping through the CDs, alternately sipping on beer and water, trying to take it somewhere special. And tonight it’s house and disco and a little reggae. Nicolas Jaar, Sister Nancy, Kaspar Bjorke, Sydney Youngblood, Falty DL, Mark E, Roxy Music. Like I think it should be. Like it feels like. Outside, the rain falls. And inside I’m storm-eye happy, blur wind delirious, lost in music.

Chilled Deep Dubstep (2010)

2nd October 2010

[description]Co-compiled by Chris Coco – the sound of now, deep and Balearic sounds. Download features a DJ mix from Coco.[/description]




Harmonica Track

27th September 2010

Coming October 3 2010 on Leaders of the New School Records (Beatport and Toolroom website exclusive) – Chris Coco & Captain Bliss – Harmonica track with a nice bouncy remix from Sergio Fernandez and a spacy house remix from Chris Coco.

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Dirty Weekend

27th September 2010

Beyond on the farm gate

Somewhere behind the line of trees

Over the fields and far away

There is an empty beach

Messages from other people’s lives

Some sense of belonging to something much bigger than all of us.

Techno Logic and Imaginary Numbers

24th September 2010

This week I have been getting into techno again, listening to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode on Mixcloud, downloading classics from Plastikman and Carl Craig. It’s something to do with my search for the right sound for the new songs. At the moment they just sound too nice, too chillout chalet. I did have a flirtation with chillcore or chillwave, and you know I have an ongoing love affair with dubstep but both those genres are really being taken care of by dem youth in a quite magisterial way. Which leaves the source, the core, to draw inspiration and sound ideas from, and for me that is house and techno. So it’s all about the ones and zeros, the bassline, the kick drum, the harshness of the hats, the breakdowns, this raw energy, this crack that I need to use in my own mellow meanderings. Some kind of pure techno logic that flows out of the machines if you programme them just right. Like Marshall Jefferson once explained, you can have just a kick drum in a drum machine but it will sound groovy or not groovy depending on who it is who turns it on. I’ve been investigating maths too, listening to a show on BBC Radio 4 about imaginary numbers (check out the definition on Wikipedia for some real head spinning ideas). My imaginary numbers are here in the computer. They are imaginary, not because they answer the questions posed by equations in some third dimension of mathematics but because they are themselves complicated equations that require an answer in the mix; a delicate balance of parts and plug-ins, levels and layers, music and beats and noises that must come together in some kind of perfection that currently only exists in my head. Talking of perfection, if it’s perfect pop you are after, look no further the current blog hit, Cee-Lo’s Fuck You. It feels like every other music blog in the world has posted the video for this tune so I definitely don’t need to, but it has managed to give me a musical feeling that I had almost forgotten. The feeling that accompanies the message from music brain that says, in capital letters, I NEED THAT TUNE. It’s a perfectly modern pop song, you sing along the first time you’ve heard it; it contains countless swear words so it can’t be played in most conventional radio allowing it to run riot in blogland online; it’s about love and money and how the two are strangely more closely linked that any of us not rich would like; the song is as up and happy as the lyrics are arch and funny; it’s sideways subversive in a way that I find immensely pleasing, in a way that only a hugely popular, great pop song can be; and it’s the kind of tune I know I will be bored with as soon as I own a copy of it that’s high enough quality to play out. Must. Get. Tune. Now.