Here we go…

12th June 2010

Passion and purpose

10th June 2010

The enignmatic LLJ came to sing with passion and purpose. She shut the door and did it all herself, leaving me in the kitchen with the other computer and a constant supply of tea.

Lazy summer

9th June 2010

Lazy Summer – A compilation by Chris Coco – out now on Cool D:Vision Records. So here we are again, on the beach, in the car, in the apartment, with her, him, them, the special people who mean so much. Time is tight and ever so precious and there are places to go and food to be prepared and sunshine to be had and the tricky music choice to be made too. What to play for this oh so special day? Well, if it’s that lazy summer feeling, that time stretching, super relaxing, everything is fine feeling that you are after, then the choice is simple. Reach for my latest selection – Lazy Summer.

Out now on Energy / Cool D:Vision, Italia, a new compilation.


Nebraska – The Other Side Negghead – Shifting Sands Slow Hands – Fast Tongue Porn Sword Tobacco – Track Nicholas Jaar – Mi Mujer Fool’s Gold – The World Is All There Is Augusta – L’Importante E Finire The Normalites – Campervan Jonathan Jeremiah – Happiness Daco – Aquarium Sare Havlicek – Lazy Summer Chris Coco – Summertime Husky Rescue – We Shall Burn Bright Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo The Field – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

This is what new music looks like

5th June 2010

Even though Feel Free Live Good is still not released I have started work on the follow-up collection of songs. This is what they look like so far.

Lazy Summer – Out Now

2nd June 2010

Out now on Energy / Cool D:Vision, Italia, a new compilation.