Night Dance – Out Now

1st June 2010

Out now on good old fashioned vinyl (and download):

Pete Gooding and Chris Coco – Night Dance (Nang Records)


26th May 2010

No pictures, but gushing praise for Mayer Hawthorne, live at University of London Union; channeling the spirit of James Brown and the voice of Marvin Gaye through the body of Keith Haring; creating the most beautifully uplifting 21st century soul and bringing it all the way from Ann Arbor, Michigan to London, Europe. From bar one I am in love with the sound. I am watching the Jam at the Rainbow in ‘78; it’s the Style Council’s endlesss Long Hot Summer; at times it’s pure holiday camp cabaret but I believe every word of Maybe So, Maybe No. At one point they break into ELO’s Mr Blue Sky and even that feels perfect, right now, right here, this man and his band can do no wrong. I am plotting and scheming in my head like I do at all great gigs; need a piss but can’t miss this; thinking how good they would be at a festival, at my wedding, at my funeral; bouncing and shouting, jumping and screaming; this is life with meaning. This is live, so fragile, this is live, so shallow, so repetetive, yet each moment so special, so wonderful, so real; this is living with the colour turned up full, the amp on 11; plastic cup of warm beer and a bag of crisps for tea, who cares; this is living, loving, hugging, beautiful, beautiful music and right now that’s all that matters.


25th May 2010

You know that summer is here when One Step Beyond blasts out from the flats opposite.

Feel Free Live Good (2010) – Chris Coco

24th May 2010

[description]Feel Free Live Good released on Big Chill Recordings. Watch out for it![/description]




The story of The Player

21st May 2010

At the beginning of 2009, in the depths of recessionary gloom (part one), Pete Gooding and I started DJing every Thursday at The Player in Soho. That very first night, in the depths of a particularly unfriendly January, we decided we should make a record to go with the club night; a collaboration that reflected our mutual interests and shared backgrounds; something we would both like to play at bars and parties.

Now, in May 2010, at the beginning of more promising summer, Pete is off to Ibiza to live, the night at the bar is turning into something else with me and special guests and, to complete the circle, the test pressing for that record that we were talking about all that time ago has finally arrived.

OK, it took a while. Well, actually, it’s taken ages. But we have managed to make it. In fact there are two songs on there – The Player and Night Dance and it is, by all accounts, in it’s own small way, a rather good thing.