The Player, London

16th May 2010

Get tickets…

[setlist] Hey – I’m regularly gigging at Supperclub in the west, The Player in the centre and various venues in the east to keep London locked. Then there are international shows. Check back here – I’ll be updating this page with all my gig dates soon. Come join me![/setlist]


16th May 2010


Tunes from the last year…

14th May 2010

[chart] [artist]The XX[/artist][track]VCR[/track][label]Young Turks[/label] [artist]Jack Penate[/artist][track]Tonight’s Today[/track][label]XL[/label] [artist]Crazy P[/artist][track]Stop Space Return[/track][label]20:20 Vision[/label] [artist]House Of House[/artist][track]Rushing To Paradise[/track][label]White Label[/label] [artist]Martini Bros[/artist][track]Communicate[/track][label]Liebe Detail[/label] [artist]Franz Ferdinand[/artist][track]Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve)[/track][label]Domino[/label] [artist]Michel Cleis[/artist][track]La Mezcla[/track][label]Strictly Rhythm[/label] [artist]Chris Coco[/artist][track]Summertime (Lemon Popsicle Mix)[/track][label]Dumb Angel[/label] [artist]Jonathan Jeremiah[/artist][track]Happiness[/track][label]Island[/label] [artist]Friendly Fires[/artist][track]Kiss Of Life[/track][label]XL[/label] [/chart]

About the boy….

14th May 2010

today, today, it’s all about the boy…

…and the burning youthful energy, and the looking forward, and the poetry…

“Remember – if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

The Big Freeze Volume 3 – Mixed by Chris Coco (2008)

14th May 2010

[description]Chris Coco mixes this compilation released on the Platipus Records label[/description]