test event 5

29th April 2010

test evebt 2

Stop Making Sense mix

28th April 2010


The loneliness of the long distance runner…

26th April 2010
Respect to Alan Sillitoe who died yesterday. He was a man who, through his writing, gave me so much of my, continuing, awkward attitude.

Coco Steel & Lovebomb – New World (1997)

25th April 2010

[description]What we got here? The second album brings us more soundtracky and minimal electronica.[/description]




I wonder what would happen if I put my head on upside down?

25th April 2010

Out on a sunny evening, round the bend in the river, to South Bank, to see Polar Bear. Their jazz meanderings can be hard to take on record but live they are a different prospect. The sound of well-blown sax morphs into a balloon being let down ever so slowly, and there they are together on stage, sax and balloon, balloon and sax, performing side by side.

And she asks me, as we strain to see round the side of the speaker, what do you think the bass player is thinking, in there, in the music, slipping in and out of rhythm like it’s mercury. And I say, he’s probably thinking – I wonder what would happen if I put my head on upside down.