Chris Coco on

17th March 2010

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Sonic Explorers

16th March 2010
Today we (the City Reverb) are making a remix for the Explorer’s Club. Except it’s more of a new song than a remix. Coming fast. Writing and recording in harmony. The glock goes down next. Then we’re there. Lovely.


15th March 2010

Rare US vinyl copies of Coco, Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It at Phonica Records now.

My own little piece of the city (Chelsea 4 – Weat Ham 1)

14th March 2010
These are the steps that lead up to the seat where is sit (and stand) to watch the games. These are the steps that lead to seat that is my little bit of the city. Most of the time it’s just a blue bucket seat, sitting there, next to thousands of other blue bucket seats (and a few white ones), but occasionally, once every couple of weeks usually, on a Saturday usually, at three o’clock sometimes, it’s the centre of the world, a view down into the arena, the cauldron, the theatre.

And all the time it’s beautiful in that strange way that I find things beautiful when perhaps by other standards they are not. Like these steps that lead to the seat…

Up In Flames…

12th March 2010
Sosho is burnt. To the ground. Finished, gone, up in smoke. Over. It’s a shame. It was a good space, lovely people, and somewhere regular to spin. Now I must find somewhere else.