Steamy windows

28th February 2010
All smiles at Sosho after a rugged, dogged six hour performance. A shot of vodka to speed to 344 home in the relentless rain. It’s been a crazy day: the Terry / Bridge pantomime and a severe and unwarranted loss at the Bridge; a quick chat with SP and Y-May in Farm Road; then back across the river and across the tracks to Coronation Street to prepare for the evening.

Which ended, all smiles at Sosho…

All Smiles

27th February 2010
All smiles at the Quality Chop House, progressive working class caterer up there in Farringdon. A simple night out, enjoying riding the buses and trains, crossing the river, in the thick of it, at the heart of the grime and the glamour, tiny dots, tracked by satellite, snaking through the city.

Living daylights

21st February 2010

City Reverb, back in live action with the three piece music unit. Playing a clvilised lunchtime gig at Union Chapel in London.

Gig time…

21st February 2010

For the record we played these tunes in this order:

1 Swimming 2 Roll On 3 Backwards 4 All You Need 5 Morning 6 Corner

And it sounded great and we played well and Micky said it was the best gig we have done. And even though my fingers felt like sausages I enjoyed playing the bass in such a beautiful space.

The stamp of approval

20th February 2010
Anthony came round with his A.B. stamp of approval. We signed 50 FEEL FREE LIVE GOOD posters, ate pasta pesto and opened the inevitable bottle of Nero D’Avola. This is simple. art. living.