Different doors, different trains

5th February 2010
Open. Close. Riding the trains. Always so romantic. Flashes of other lives on the fast track to the central station.

Where have they been, these different people? Where are they going? Are they as happy as me? Surely they are richer. Perhaps more powerful. But do their lives have more meaning, more focus, more pleasure?

What is it to be really living? What does it take to feel really alive? Riding the trains. The motion. The movement. Enjoying each spin of the wheels on the track. The play of light, the open close, the colour combinations, the glimpses into flats, the friends and lovers you will never meet, the lives lived better or worse, a meal for two, a reconciliation, a parting, the detail, steam rising from a pot of pasta, the detail, flash, gone.

Enjoying everything possible. This is living. In the stream. Riding the trains. Right here. Right now.

All smiles at the Supperclub

4th February 2010

Thursday night (it’s the new Friday again), with the usual mix of theatre and kitsch and food and camp and, with Coco on the decks, most excellent music. It’s always a pleasure to play with this gang.

Hello Freedom Street

3rd February 2010

This time last year…

29th January 2010

At the Player last night we were talking, Pete and I, about this time last year, about how down it was then and how up it is now. Last year the place was quiet, we played jazz and blues as couples snuggled and snogged in dimly lit corners. It felt like the world outside had shut down for the winter, it felt like there was nothing we could do to break through the thick ice and surface. A year later, around the same date, the night before pay day in a five weekend month, in January, in the week of Blue Monday, that faux statistics tell us is the year’s saddest day, we have people, drinking, dancing, screaming, pulling jazz poses with jazz faces, smiles and shoes and stockings and talk of drunken licking. We’re even thinking of turning on the mirror balls, things are that happening.

What has changed in between these dates? The economy is supposedly coming out of recession though with even the smallest margin for error there is really nothing but a big flat plain of stagnation. No, it’s the people again, getting on with it, indulging, playing, enjoying every moment, aware that these may be the last days of decadence. It’s Cava instead of Champagne, it’s choosing the cocktail with the biggest bite, it’s shots all round and staying up late because there’s always the night bus to get you home.

It’s like us, sitting here surrounded by boxes, about to move to somewhere smaller, because it makes sense, because we’re looking out instead of staying in, shabby-chic and still smiling.

This is real and it’s OK.

Allow me this small indulgence.

28th January 2010

Soon I will get back out into the world and shoot things and people in other places. For now, picture this, the last days in Camden, with the new blue stuff, summer-ready.