Everthing is…

10th January 2010

Somebody leaves their shoes on the canal.

The mystery hut is hit by late afternoon sun.

Winter thoughts…

10th January 2010

The boat has a baby. The left handed people’s army starts it’s fight for equality. There is high demand for gas.

Arctic oscillation causing mechanical vibration

6th January 2010

Nothing is worth more than this day (Goethe)

1st January 2010

Brightness returns after a long period of grey. From sleet flurries at midnight to new moon. And now this sunlit, cold bright start to the new decade. Reawakening. On the up swing, the right side of the curve. Looking for signs. There is plenty of work in progress. Assimulate the failures that can make you stronger. And get ready. Because today is the day it all begins.

Obedient Consumers…

28th December 2009

One in five of the Uk population went shopping on Boxing Day, that’s more people than watched Eastenders, the highest rated TV programme, on Xmas day. So it looks like shopping has replaced TV watching as our favourite leisure activity.